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“Landing A Helping Hand” Community Project

Encouraging Ageing In Place

The end of the year is approaching, and while everyone is preparing to celebrate the New Year, don't forget to remind each other to take care of the community in need and pass on the warmth and care to more people. The local gerontech brand Guardman® and the social enterprise "Hao Dian" cooperated for the first time to jointly promote the "Hundreds of People‧Helping Hundreds of People to Live in Homes and Send Warmth" to the grassroots elders in the community. And blessings, I hope the elderly will welcome the new year with a healthy and happy body and mind.

Cooperate with social enterprises Regarding partners, Adam said that he hit it off with "Delicious Express" and it took less than 3 months from the initial negotiation, establishment of the plan, overall planning, and division of labor, to contacting the various cooperative units. He also took care of the needs of caregivers: "In cooperation with "Delicious Express", we can offer support for SEN youths, he also believes that the prefabricated food dumplings/soup dumplings they make meet the needs of the elderly, filling the gap between the supply of meal coupons and meal distribution. This will reduce the caregivers' stress, and the addition of the gerontech elements of the Guardman® care system can also support caregivers. Caring For Elderly The event was divided into two days, held in "Pine Joy Garden Nursing Home and Day Care Center" and "Yan Oi Tang Siu Zheng Shuzhen Ren Jian You Ai Community Support Center". A total of 100 lucky bags were given to the elderly to express Support for them. The lucky bags are all sponsored by the "Shenshan Zhentang Charity Fund", which contains Guardman® hearing/vision aid kits, snack bags/soup bags made by SEN students of "Delicious Express", and designed by the "Shenshan Zhentang Charity Fund" masks.


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