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An Incredible Milestone

We are proud to announce that with the effort of all our team in Venture, we have been awarded the Quality Award for Small Enterprise & Start-ups from Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA)

The search for QUALITY has become the single most important force leading to organizational success and growth in both national and international markets in the new millennium. The organizations which will succeed are those that can maintain a dedication to QUALITY in each and every organizational function.

The Quality Award was first launched in 1991 by The Hong Kong Management Association. With this annual Award, the Association seeks not just to reward, but also to bring public recognition to those organizations that have achieved outstanding standards of quality and made a lasting commitment to the process of quality management. The purpose of the award is not just to reward commitment in an age of change, but also to bring public recognition to those organizations that have achieved outstanding standards of quality management.

Venture has been rooted in Hong Kong for more than 20 years. With original design (ODM) and original brand manufacturing (OBM) as its core business, it has been upgraded and transformed as early as 2009. Now it focuses on the development and cares for the needs of the elderly at home. Elderly products have developed steadily in the market. After winning the "Business Award: Certificate of Merit in Upgrading and Transformation", they also stood out in the recent "Quality Award" from HKMA.

Adam Chow, Chief Executive Officer of Venture, said that "if you do not advance, you will retreat." This is the key to small and medium-sized enterprises achieving excellent management. "With limited resources, to target market trends and make changes, we must take a step by step approach. It is important to clarify our own positioning. Establish precise and clear goals, values, and even corporate culture, so that employees can fully grasp the company's development direction and principles, achieve top to bottom concentricity, and promote the company to keep ourselves relevant and achieve the set goals."

Adam also pointed out that the company aims to "expand the organization in a sustainable way" and keep an eye on market changes, and transform popular products to cater to the needs of the market. "The purpose of our participation in the competition is to examine the deficiencies from the opinions of professional judges and make continuous improvement. Whether we win an award is not the focus of our consideration."

Lastly, on behalf of the team at Venture, we are grateful and blessed to have received this reward. Especially those who have supported us and our team that works tirelessly to obtain this prestigious award. We will continue to work hard and commit to our company mission & vision and live up to those expectations.


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