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Innovation & Technology

Time to market and continuous developing innovative products are vital to today's business environment. These are the essence to continue value enhancements and fulfilling customer's demands in ever-changing global market place.

VENTURE has a full comprehensive and experienced in-house product development team covering software, mechanical, electronics, industrial design and packaging design. 


Our aim is to offer products and services with excellent qualities, high reliabilities and state-of-art technologies.

Over the past years, utilize our accumulative skills and knowledge, we have developed a broad portfolio of patented technologies and design expertise in the areas such as:

  • Strong experience in Safety and Security products

  • RF wireless technology – MURS, Sub 1G, RFID, Infrared, WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa...

  • Internet / gateway solutions

  • Power line communication (PLC)

  • Weather forecast algorithms

  • Digital video data transmission

  • ARM core programming

  • Solar powered rechargeable solutions


Being a winner of the Most Innovative Security Product Design Awards granted by Global Sources Magazines at 2007, we operate not only as a “Me-Too” company. We have patented technologies and unique design techniques to offer you a high degree of differentiation and protection.


VENTURE has versatile manufacturing capabilities. We are manufacturer with nearly 20 years of experience in safety and security products, we also take on OEM / ODM manufacturing services for customers around the world.


Our headquarter is based in Hong Kong and factory is located in Dongguan, China. We have more than 300 workers at our factory, with total area approximate 2500 sq. meter. Systematic factory operating system such as lean manufacturing process. 5'S management system, ISO9001 etc are implemented.  In manufacturing, we adapt cell-line production methodology. We can provide flexibilities in order size and we can deliver in a short period of production lead time.

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Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance team provides pro-active and interactive services within VENTURE. 

Product Development Stage

Quality products are pre-requisition in nowadays highly competitive global markets. When we develop new products and handle each projects, quality control concept is implemented into product development cycle. Our philosophy 'Do it right at the Beginning' is crucial. This can save product development time and can be ensure highly reliable and quality products come out at the end. 

Production Stage

Based on different product specification and customer’s requirements, our QA team generates individual QC plan for each product and applies various methodologies to monitor the quality requirements. This is an on-going process and it includes qualification of suppliers and components, incoming material quality control, production process control, and pre-shipment inspection. 

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