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Environment (Green Management)

VENTURE has the responsibilities to protect our environment throughout all aspects of our business operations to minimize pollution and to provide a safe & healthy workplace, offering products that are complied with international standards and applicable regulations.


  • Raw Materials – only use safety materials and all of our materials are complied with the requirements of recycling laws such as RoHS, REACH, WEEE

  • Product Design & Packaging Design – advocate clear design with less is more, use less parts (such as less paper, plastic, screws…) as possible to minimize materials consumption and wastage

  • Manufacturing – use Eco-friendly processes

  • Recycling – reduce, reuse and recycle materials if possible

  • Safe & healthy workplace – keen on offering a safety & comfortable working environment to our staffs; we have regular training and checking on our facilities and equipment.

Social Responsibility

Our technology and innovation are not just limited to our products, we dedicate to create a better and sustainable future that can contribute to the society.

With the increase of aging population, more and more people concerns on the quality of life for seniors care. To foster our goals to enrich and care of our senior citizens, VENTURE aims to provide innovative, user friendly and lifestyle elderly-care products that can help elderly people and those with disabilities to live normal, feel comfortable and relieved, independent lives under a safety environment and the caregiver or family member can have less stress and more time to care.

We will work continuously to develop new products that tailored to market needs and to improve the quality of life for elderly & those with special needs.

At the meantime, we also have some projects working with local NGOs, we will keep engaging with NEOs to contribute the community.


We treasure our relationships to suppliers, employees and stakeholders. We respect and value our employees, we always care our employees’ personal development, self-value and growth.

Our HR philosophy:

  • Care

  • Trust

  • Mutual respect

  • Open communication

  • Positive thinking

  • Be passionated

  • Embrace and drive change

  • Pursue growth and continues learning

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