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VENTURE's Long Ranged Wireless Driveway Alert announced as a WINNER in Security Category in the

Venture Global Limited has been named a winner in Security category in the Hong Kong Business Designed in Hong Kong Awards this year, its Long Ranged Wireless Driveway Alert was recognized as an excellent product in safety and security industry.

“Winning the Hong Kong Business Designed in Hong Kong Awards is a significant accomplishment, it’s a recognition of our product design capabilities and encouragement to our R & D product development team, driving force to us to aim higher.” Said by Mr. Adam Chow, Chief Executive Officer of Venture Global Limited.

Be alerted and feel safe

VENTURE’s Long Ranged Wireless Driveway Alert is a wireless alerting system, it can detect moving vehicles, people, or animals that shows up in a user’s monitoring area. It’s a simple and useful alerting monitoring system for the safety and security of homes, offices and properties.

This alerting system uses SUB-1G RF frequency with wireless transmission range up to 1km in open area. Field tests have been performed and the unit has been proved that the transmission can go through walls, trees, hills and etc. Easy to setup, the wireless outdoor motion sensor can be installed anywhere and it can be mounted on walls, posts, fences or trees with mounting support, and just simple steps to pair with the receiver. The system supports multiple receivers and sensors, and all of our receivers and sensors are compatible and inter-operable. Extra receivers or sensors can be added for complete coverage. Different combination of sensors to be selected can offer different applications, such as door/window alarm, water leakage, smoke/fire detection and so on, offering flexibilities and round protection to each household.

VENTURE’s Long Ranged Wireless Driveway Alert

  • Wireless transmission distance up to 1km / 3,300ft

  • User friendly and easy setup

  • Inter-operable, extra receivers or sensors can be added

  • The wireless outdoor motion sensor is made with industrial grade rugged plastic and weather-proof designed casing with sun shade, it can be installed anywhere and can work even under extreme weather

  • It has a sensitivity control with narrow aperture lens and a swivel mount to focus the detection distance and angle of the sensor in order to prevent false alarms and small animals

  • It can detect motion up to 12 meters

  • The wireless receiver monitors 4 zones and each zone can pair up to 4 different sensors (total 16 sensors)

  • 32 tones can be selected with adjustable sound volume allows you to distinguish which sensor was being triggered.


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