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CUHK Corporate Innovation Index 2022

A great thanks to the Chinese University of Hong Kong for the recognition and award Venture a Two Star SME for the 2022 Corporate Innovation Index.

Corporate Innovation Index is an innovation management and assessment tool to promote corporates' innovation culture and to enhance corporate innovation capabilities and achievements in both large and small corporates in Hong Kong.

In response to the SAR Government’s call for developing HK into an Innovation Hub of the Region, we propose to:

  • Establish a conceptual framework of corporate innovation that is suitable for HK in the digital age,

  • Develop a set of measurement matrices and recruit 100 corporates and 200 SMEs to participate in the Corporate Innovation Index ranking, and

  • For sustainability, (i) produce guidebooks and online, quick CII measurement tools; (ii) conduct workshops and training sessions for business leaders; (iii) repeat the ranking exercise.

This project is funded by the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) of the HKSAR, under the General Support Scheme (GSP).

This project aims to achieve the following five objectives:

  • Promote the awareness and importance of innovation to Hong Kong Corporates and subsequently the Hong Kong economy in the fast-changing, digital age,

  • Develop a Corporate Innovation framework and measurement instruments to assess the overall innovation spirit and culture of Hong Kong corporates, as well as to measure their innovation capabilities and achievements of individual Hong Kong corporates,

  • • Recognize top-ranked innovative Hong Kong corporates and facilitate participating corporates to benchmark with and learn from industry leaders,

  • Strengthen the innovation capabilities of Hong Kong corporates and business leaders in Hong Kong through education and training (e.g., through case study and best practice training on corporate innovations as they apply to Hong Kong corporates or to international corporates already operating in Hong Kong or considering operating in Hong Kong), and

  • Inform policymakers on the state and current trends of innovation in the HK corporate landscape in order to formulate or supplement public policies to advance the sustainability, competitiveness, and reputation of Hong Kong corporates, both at a local level and an international level.


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