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3 Common sites of home accident for Elderly

Today, more and more elderly living alone. Living alone offers senior enjoy their independence but it also poses certain specific risks to them. Here we share 3 common in-home risks and how to prevent:

Bathroom Slipping / Falling or Fainting is dangerous if happened in the bathroom. For seniors, falls can be dangerous or even fatal, resulting in lacerations, bone fractures, and head trauma. By using The wireless emergency pull station can request for help more easily.

Kitchen The kitchen is the most easily place to cause fire. The risk is higher among the elderly who regularly use the kitchen. Install a smoke / carbon monoxide alarm sound sensor can reduce the risk.

Livingroom Living alone senior with declining health and abilities put them at risk for emergencies. Our Wireless Hand-held call button can help if they face any emergency.

Venture’s wireless Alerting System using SUB-1G frequency and certified by FCC, CE and RED. The transmission range is up to 300m / 1,000ft. The system has over 20 different applications transmitters to be chosen with.

Today we will introduce our new product to you

Plug-in Type Alert Receiver (MA-600)

  • Easy to set up, just plug-in, connect and turn on

  • Capability to pair 2 different transmitters

  • Loud and clear sound up to 90dB with 18 selectable melodies

  • Hi-bright flashing LED lights

  • Selected Operation Modes: Sound / light / sound & light

For more product details, please contact:

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