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Best Gadgets for Seniors in the Bathroom

Seniors may face many obstacles especially in the bathroom every day due to declined health condition and memory loss. Meanwhile, environmental factors such as slippery floors are also one of the main reasons.

Thanks to advanced technology, smart devices as follows which can help keep seniors safe and reassure caregivers / family members to be at ease.

1. Wireless Emergency Pull Station (HAX-L600)

The wireless emergency pull station is a safety device for an elderly to call for help especially inside the bathroom. It will transmit an alert signal to the receiver when an elderly pulls the cord. Besides, its design is also water splash-proof. For the receiver, it can be placed up to 300m / 1,000ft from the pull station to alert the caregiver when an emergency happens. More Details

2. Wireless Flood Detection Alarm (HAX-L500)

This wireless flood detector alarm can be placed in the Bathroom to remind seniors when a water leakage starts. When the water reaches the water sensor, an alarm with loud sound together with a super bright flashlight will be triggered to alert caregivers quickly as soon as a water leakage is shown up. More Details

3. Call Button Caregiver Alert Kit

The Wireless Call Button is a convenient handheld / hanging the neck device for the elderly to call for assistance easily. After pressing the button, it will transmit a wireless alert signal to the vibrating Pager of the caregiver to respond to an emergency quickly.

The portable pager is easy to carry and expandable that allows connecting up to 4 transmitters. More Details

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