Wireless Call Buttons Caregiver Alert Kit

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  • Wireless Call Buttons Caregiver Alert Kit is a conveninece tool to call for assistant. When someone is in need, just press the button and it will send a wireless signal to the receiver. The caregiver or family member can help immediately. 

    • Simple to use, press the front button can transmit a wireless signal to reciever to alert the caregiver
    • All receivers and transmitters are inter-operable; the receiver is compatible with our whole range of wireless alert transmitters, offer flexibilities and protection to each household
    • Wireless transmission up to 300m / 1,000ft (direct line of sight)
    • The wireless call button (SPX-1000) is hand-held with landyard included
    • The receiver (DCX-25) has built-in belt clip to carry around as a pager and pair up to 4 transmitters
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