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Wired Chime Extender Converter Kit

SKU: Wired Chime Converter Kit
  • The Door Chime Extender Converter Kit extends a traditional wired doorbell to become a wireless alerting system, you can get an alert signal with flashlight and loud sound from the receiver even within a distance.


    • Wireless transmission up to 300m / 1,000ft (direct line of sight)
    • The relay transmitter (RTX-1000) is simple to set up with existing wired door bell
    • Extends a traditional wired doorbell to become wireless alerting system
    • It can support both front door and back door
    • The relay transmitter is self-powered with 10 years long battery life
    • The receiver (MA-600) is able to pair up to 4 different sensors / transmitters
    • Compatible with our whole range of wireless alert transmitters, offer flexibilities and protection to each household
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