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IoT Home Safety Alert Kit

SKU: IOT Home Safety Alert Kit
  • Provides you a home safety protection by delivering you an alert signal when smoke alarm is triggered,  when fire breaks out, when door / window is opened or someone need emergency help.

    With IoT, you could receive the alert message 24/7 anywhere.

    • Easy to set up
      • Plug in ,turn on and connect
      • Change the setting via APP even away from home
    • Flexible and Expandable
      • Abundant sensors / transmitters choice, offer flexibilities and protection to each household
    • Long range wireless transmission
      • Up to 300m / 1,000ft (direct line of sight)
      • Extend to 600m / 2,000ft by adding a signal repeater
    • Receive alert message 24/7 anywhere
      • IoT Receiver could be work alone in case without internet connection
      • Mobile Device could receive voice alert or SMS alert message besides push notification
      • APP is compatible to both Andriod and IOS operating system


  • Receiver

    Multi-Alert Receiver (MA-T3000)



    Wireless Door / Window Sensor Mini (HAX-120T)

    Wireless Hand-held Call Button (SPX-1000T)

    Wireless Door Bell Press (PB-438T) 

    Wireless Telephone Call Signaler (TFX-301T)

    Wireless Emergency Pull Station (HAX-600T)

    Wireless Smoke / Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm Sound Sensor (SSX-301T) 

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