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IoT Driveway Alert Kit

SKU: IoT Driveway Alert Kit
  • IoT driveway alert kit detects a person or vehicle and alert you when approaches your home or premises.It is suitable for driveways, business premises or back entrances.The superior long wireless transmission (up to 1km) could secure households against a wide array of possible dangers.


    • Easy set up - Plug in, turn and connect
    • Suitable for different application
      • Could pair up to 16 transmitters (4 zones, each zone can pair up 4 transmitters)
      • Abundant application of sensors / transmitters, offer flexibilities and protection to each household
    • Design for outdoor environment
      • Driveway transmitter - Rugged and IP 45 water splash proof housing
    • Receive alert message 24/7 anywhere
      • IoT Receiver could be work alone in case without internet connection
      • Mobile Device could receive voice alert or SMS messages besides push notification
      • APP is compatible to both Andriod or IOS operation system
  • Receiver

    Multi-alert receiver (DWA-T800) or upgrade to MA-TK100 (1km version)



    Wireless Driveway Alert Transmitter (DWS-K100T) or upgrade to DWS-K200T

    Magnetic Probe Sensor

    Wireless Flood Light Control Box (FLX-T1000)

    LED Strobe Light (LSL-C100T)

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