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Hearing / Visual Impairments Advance Kit

SKU: Hearing / Visual Impairments Advance Kit
  • Hearing / Visual Impairments Kit is an ideal assistive product for deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visual impaired, elderly persons.

    • It provides an alert with loud sound and flashing light & notification icon together with strong vibration (by wake up pad) when there is an incoming telephone call and when someone press the doorbell.
    • SUB-1G RF frequency with wireless transmission range up to 300m / 1,000ft (direct line of sight)
    • The receiver can pair up to 6 transmitters, capable to add other transmitters to expand the system


    Wireless Doorbell Press (Transmitter)

    • IP44 Water splash proof design
    • It can transmit a wireless signal to receiver when the button was pressed
    • Place outside the door act as a doorbell press or indoor as a calling button
    • With mounting bracket
    • Low battery indication on receiver unit


    Wireless Telephone Call Alert (Transmitter)

    • Simple operation, plug the device and the telephone line into the included RJ11 splitter, then into the telephone sockets
    • it can transmit a wireless signal to receiver when an incoming telephone call comes
    • Low battery indication on receiver unit


    Multi-Alert Receiver

    • Capability to pair up to 6 different sensors / transmitters
    • Super bright flashing light, with LED indicator icon for each zone / channel and “TEXT” notification on display
    • Clear and loud sound up to 90dB, with 32 melodies for selection
    • Smart setting: auto default sensor name and melody during pairing such as the unit will display “Door Bell” text notification and with defaulted bell sound upon paired with the Wireless doorbell Press Sensor
    • With Changeable icon plate for identify different sensor for different LED indicator icon for each zone
    • Clock with dual alarms
    • With Night light sensor: normal display during day time and automatically turn to dim display when dark (during sleeping) 
    • With volume and sound tone control; and individual button to control each function includes Light On/Off, Sound On/Off, Vibration On/Off, Alarm On/Off
    • With Relay output, Wake up (Vibration) pad output, Audio output, External trigger input
    • With USB port for smart phone charger


    Wake up (Vibration) Pad

    • Simply plug into the receiver, no installation / setup is required. And, no battery required


  • Each set includes

    Wireless Doorbell Press x 1

    Wireless Telephone Call Alert x 1

    Multi-Alert Receiver x 1

    Wake up (vibration) pad x 1

    Radio frequency

    868MHz or 915MHz (depending on the region)

    Number of zone


    Transmission distance

    300m / 1,000ft (direct line of sight)


    CR2032 x 2 (included)


    DC12V, 500mA; 100-240V

    Battery life

    1 year (depends on usage)

    Operating temperature

    0 to 40 / 32 to 104

    Product dimension & weight

    i). Wireless Doorbell Press

    ii). Wireless Telephone Call Alert

    iii). Multi-Alert Receiver

    iv). Wake up pad

    Dimension                                                        Weight

    68 (L) x 18.5 (W) x28 (H) mm                       30 g (incl. battery)

    88.5 (L) x 18.5 (W) x34 (H) mm                    35 g (incl. battery)

    130 (L) x 80 (W) x 200 (H) mm                   535 g (incl. battery)

                                                                               85 g

    Accessories included

    Small screw driver x 1,

    1 pack of mounting kit (screws x 4, anchors x 4, double side adhesive foam x 2)

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