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Driveway Alert System with Floodlight Control Box

SKU: Driveway Alert System

    The wireless driveway alert system detects a person or vehicle and alert you when approaches your home or premises. It is suitable for driveways, business premises or back entrances. 


    • Wireless operation wiht transmission range up to 300m / 1,000ft (direct line of sight) or extend to 1km / 3,300f (for model MA-K100 & DWS-K200).
    • The wireless driveway alert transmitter has rugged and water splash-proof housing, with adjustable sensitive and includes sun shade to block false alarms
    • Detect motion up to 12 meters with narrow aperture lens
    • Connect with the flood light control box and keyfob, allow you to turn on floodlight automatically or by remote control upon receipt signal from the driveway alert transmitter
    • The receiver monitors 4 zones and each zones can pair up to 4 different transmitters (total 16 transmitters)
    • Loud & clear alert sound up to 90dB, with 32 melodies for selection
    • Capable to add extra driveway alert transmitter(s) or other wireless transmitters to expand the system
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