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Home Safety 
& Security

Conventional Alert Devices

Wireless Alerting System


"Keeping your home in check, Leaving you a peace of mind" 

A wireless smart multi-alerting system that uses SUB-1G RF frequency with transmission range up to 300m / 1,000fit in open field direct line of slight and able to extend to 600m / 2,000ft by adding a signal repeater. The system has over 20 sensors / transmitters to be chosen with. Different combination of sensors / transmitters to be selected can offer different applications. Each sensor can select specific sounds / melodies at receiver to identify with. All receivers and sensors / transmitters are inter-operable and simple-pairing. It's easy to DIY your desired combination among the RECEIVER(S) + TRANSMITTER(S) + ACCESSORIES (optional).  



Internet of Things (IoT Ready)

"Bring the wireless alert system to IoT

Get alert message anywhere via smartphones or tablets" 

This is a simple solution for home care, offer you a personal monitoring for your parents or kids or even pets at home. After installed the sensors / transmitters and IoT-ready receiver, it provides a real-time notification message to your smartphone once the sensor being


If an IP camera is installed and linked up with particular sensor, one click of the notification message can let you view your home immediately.

All transmitters 

are IoT ready

IoT Ready Receiver(s)


alert signal

Smartphone / tablet

(Both Android or IOS is compatible)

Alert notification message

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