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About Venture

VENTURE Global Limited was found in 1998, headquartered in Hong Kong and factory in Dongguan, China. We are an innovative value-driven products developer, manufacturer of safety and security products. We specialize in DIY home safety and security products, elderly care products, travelers safety and assistive products, and also intercoms.

To cope with the fast-moving market demand, VENTURE has been developing new, innovative and user-friendly products for our customers. We are competent in producing safety and security products with problem-solving solutions and products design to address users’ functional needs. We strengthen our market competitiveness that will ensure long-term success.

Our Vision

Be a committed enterprise continues to

Inspire ◦ Enrich ◦ Care


our customers and our communities

Our Mission

  • Be focused on the development of the unique and the extraordinary.

  • We have a passion for innovation and the commitment to quality and excellent customer services.

  • We are dedicated to enriching our customers’ wellbeing by providing cutting edge products.

Our Commitment

  • To Our Customers: We understand each customer has its own desire. By listening to our customers and care about their needs. We can be able to develop an unique customization service program in order to achieve and exceed customer's expectations.

  • To Our Communities: Our message is simple as "be an ethical responsible company". We believe "corporate sustainability" means managing our business responsibly and sensitively for long-term success with respect for people and the environment

Our Culture

At VENTURE, we believe unity leads to a successful business.

We treasure our relationships to suppliers, employees and stakeholders. The heart of Venture's long term strategy is to permeate our unique 4A management concept into every level of our business and culture. These are





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