FBS-1010 Fire Alert Station

SKU: FBS-1010
  • The Fire Alarm Bridge is an alert station interconnecting with those Alarms. It could place at your sitting room and bedroom to give you the instant battery status of the detectors’ and immediately alert by flash, sound and vibration when the detector alarms off.

    In addition, to companion with the multi-alert clock MA-3000, giving you most convenience to juice up your phone and ensuring to wake you up by the stronger light flashes, louder sound and vibration under the pillow in fire danger.

    Receive Alert signal from Fire Alarm sensors; and provides the corresponding notification

    Seamlessly interconnect with Siterwell Fire Alarm

    Output the signals to trigger the MA-3000

    Output to Horn Strobe;

    Output to Bedshaker

    Illuminate LED Alert as the manner of the type of sensor (smoke and heat sensor, CO sensor)

  • 1) Qi Wireless charger

         Output: 5V-1A, 9V - 1A(7.5W for iPhone, max10W for Android)

    2) Safety Protection:

        Over charging, overheating, short circuit protection, Metal foreign object detection.

    3) Selectable Visual alert modes( illuminate / trigger MA3000 )

    4) Rechargeable Fire Alarm backup battery conform with *EN14604
    Support Wired and Wireless charging at the same time:

    5) AC/DC Power Input: 5V - 2A, 9V - 2A  Cord-in

       ( quick charging needs QC supported adaptor )

    6) Wireless charge: 5W, 7.5W, 10W

    Signal Output:

    8) For external Siren wired terminal, output power 12W 12V-24V/1A

    9) 3.5 mono jack for Bed shaker

    10) 3.5 mono jack to Trigger MA3000 to give a alert


    11) Lithium backup battery * for visual and Tactile alerts for 4min.

    12) Pairing / Test button / silent Press button

    13) External trigger plug to mute the buzzer automatically

    14) Dual color LED to show working power/going to charge/charging/full charged

    15) 3 LED indicate the Fire/CO alarm/Low battery

    16) Red LED shows Signal received and Battery Low / Error message

    17) Breathe LED illumination for Alert

    18) Approximate size: 160 * 80mm, charging area <8mm

    19) 168mm x 74mm x 15mm

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